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We got a terrific response from our readers to the survey we sent in January – almost 15 percent of you took the survey, which puts our readers in the “Nobel Prize For Answering Surveys” category.

Better still was what found out from you: We got lots of information about how you use our website, where you read our stories, what you think about our stories’ length, and why readers do or don’t contribute financially to our organization. We know better what you think of our name and logo, too, though we got some conflicting answers there: Some of you like our watchdog, and some of you thought it made us look like an advocacy organization for pets.

But there was no conflicting information when it comes to what you think of our stories. We were incredibly gratified to see the chart below, which is a compilation of answers to the question, “Which of these words best describes our work? Please choose any of the words that you believe describes our work.” We offer no interpretation, just our thanks that readers like you get what we do.

We know, it’s tough to read those words on the left. Here’s what they are, in descending order from the top:Independent, credible, in-depth, substantiated, detailed, nonpartisan, hard-hitting, courageous, other, partisan, biased, unfair, boring, mean.