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Born to Drugs:
Maine’s most innocent victims

Lisa Hasch of Monmouth adopted Jay Patrick (JP) – shown here waking up from a nap in August – when he was four weeks old and suffering from withdrawal symptoms that included tremors, rashes, vomiting and constant screaming.

Photo by Yoon S. Byun

About this series

Nearly 5,000 babies have been born affected by drugs in Maine in the past five years. These innocent victims are caught in a crisis that is marked by suffering and strained hospitals and state resources. In this series of often gut-wrenching stories, Pine Tree Watch examines the challenges within this sad reality.

Piercing cries and a state of crisis

Nearly three drug-affected babies were born each day in Maine from 2013-2017, severely taxing hospitals, the foster care system and other resources.

Desperate to change

After losing custody of her first five daughters, a Maine woman is determined to stay drug free so that she can mother her sixth baby girl.

Meant to love and care for special babies

An experienced foster mom refuses to give up on her opiate-exposed infant.

From depths of addiction to symbol of hope

Drug-free for three years after battling addictions since age 12, mom and advocate Courtney Allen looks to a healthy future with her sons.